I design for real people with real challenges.

Combining a human centered design approach and my user experience toolkit, I uncover and understand problems. Exploring and defining solutions to turn complex challenges into simple, valuable and compelling experiences. Take a look below to find out more.

the discovery phase


A strong understanding of the problem, your users and your business is the foundation for a robust solution. The tools and techniques used in the discovery phase will help us better define the high value problems.

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the exploration phase


Building on the foundations of the discovery phase, we will then use a rapid collaborative approach to explore a broad range of ideas that work best for your business and your audience. Framing the problems while creating ideas in abundance.

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the design phase

Interaction design

Defining and refining the strongest and most valuable ideas, the design phase is about exploring solutions in detail. I share my work early and often, as I develop ideas in gradually more detail, listening to feedback and refining as we work toward the release candidate.

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the iteration and validation phase


Learn, learn, learn! That's what the iteration phase means to me. There's no better way to find out if something works than to put it in front of real users. A virtuous circle of build, measure, learn will maximise the positive results during the final phase designs.

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I will be available for new contracts or projects from mid May.
I am based in Brighton but I am equally comfortable working in London or even remotely for clients further afield. Get in touch and say hello
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